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The Best Luxury Ayurveda& Spa Resort in Kerala

Ayurveda, the Indian system of medicine and treatment is an ancient tradition, which dates back to thousands of years.It is a science of life which has been practised since more than 5000 years. The ancient writings mention the benefits of Ayurveda and the rich medicinal properties of minerals, herbs, metals, fruits and chemicals. This tradition has been passed on from generations to generations and is stillused to cure ailments and is being practised in various places in India and outside.

Best Ayurveda resorts in Kerala - VythiriVillage.com

Kerala, the land of scenic natural beauty and the southernmost state of India is well known for its Ayurvedic heritage. Besides being popularamong tourists for its beauty of backwaters, spice and tea gardens and various honeymoon destinations, Kerala is alsothe famous hub for those who seek Ayurvedic treatment. Tourists from across the globe come here to rejuvenate their mind and body and relax.

Ayurveda is now being accepted globally for its benefits and produces no harmful side effects in the body. There are many resorts in Kerala which offer various Ayurvedic treatment and spa facilities as part of their packages. A medicated steam bath can be best to distress and tone up your body and rejuvenate your skin cells. This is just one among the various treatment offered.

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In Wayanad, you can find many Ayurvedaspa resorts which offervarious oil massages and therapies based on this ancient. These are ideal for both physical and mental well-being helping you stay energetic and active. Some of the famous Ayurvedic treatments offered in these centres includeAbyangam,Dhara, Pizhichil, Shirodhara, KsheeraDhara,Udvarthanam, NetraTarpanam, medicated steam bath etc.

Vythiri village offer Ayurvedic treatments under the supervision of qualified doctors and well trained therapists in hygienically maintained environment and are designed to boost up your spirit by strengthening your body and mind.

Exotic honeymoon resorts in kerala - VythiriVillage.com

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