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Care and Preventive Maintenance for Your Ram Trucks

The life expectancy of a vehicle depends very much on the driving habits of the driver. Therefore, it is always advised that owners of vehicles, especially Ram trucks, follow good driving habits and adopt care and preventive measures for the maintenance of their vehicle. Here are some of the preventive measures you could consider:

Oil Change

The motor oil is an important component of any vehicle and that includes Ram trucks as well. You should regularly change the motor oil of your truck to make it run in good condition. The oil change would enable removal of debris, metal dirt and other impurities which would otherwise create problems in the engine.

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Brakes and tires

It is important to maintain the brakes and tires in good shape so that the truck runs well. Properly inflated tires keep up the mileage of the vehicle by putting lesser load on the engine. This saves a lot of fuel and money. You should also get the brakes checked regularly to ensure they are in good working condition so as to avoid accidents during bad weather and at night.

Air filters

The placement of the air filters in Ram trucks could vary according to the model. Always get the air filters checked by a good mechanic. A dirty filter would put pressure on the engine and decreases the fuel efficiency. Therefore, it is advisable to get these checked regularly.

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Emission tests

Performing emission tests once a year is ideally preferred. The emission test would require an inspection of the exhaust pipes and the muffler pipes for any holes that might have been caused over time. The tuning of the exhaust pipes ensures better exhaustion which means lesser load on the engine.

By performing these tests and checks regularly on your ram trucks, you can maintain them well to provide better fuel economy, which would mean better savings in the long run. However, the tests and checks should be done by a trained mechanic to ensure complete and thorough checking.

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