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Essential Tips & Gear To Carry During Your Spring Adventure

A day hike during spring season offers breath-taking views of nature, which do not last for more than a few months. Excellent weather condition sand flora will make your trip one of the best you’ve ever taken.

But before venturing out for a day hike in this spring, you have to make sure that you carry all the necessary gear to make the trip a wonderful one. The following are a few tips on how you can make your hiking trip a joyous experience.

Carry Enough Water

Carry enough water during the hike. Most hikers prefer to carry 1 liter of water for every 3 miles. The amount could be varying depending on people and could be twice during hot and sunny climates. So always carry at least 1 or 2 litres of water with you, which can be easily stored at the bottom of your backpacks, as they are heavy.

Start Early

Starting your trip early in the morning is a good idea. This helps you to save some energy and water as you don’t have to deal with the hot conditions early on, especially during a longer trip. The hot temperature in spring should not be a huge issue, but it is always better to check the weather in advance.

Lightweight Rain shell

Sudden rains are common in spring at higher elevations. So it is advisable to carry a lightweight rain shell to protect you and the gear as well.
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Proper Shoes

Wear shoes that come with aggressive treads on the soles to ensure maximum safety. Flip flops are not a good choice for hiking and sport shoes too do not provide enough grip on certain difficult terrains. Also do not wear cotton socks.

Protein Rich Food

,Always carry snacks which are rich in protein. Most hikers prefer carrying extra protein bars as they are light weight and don’t get spoiled or smashed easily in your backpack.

Layered Clothing

Always wear multiple layers of clothing on your body. An undershirt that wicks away moisture, a light weight shirt and a light thermal layer should be included. A jacket could also be used in case the climate is very cold.
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Electronic Devices

Ensure that your cell phone is full charged before you start your trip. A flash light with additional battery is also necessary during hiking, especially in evening. The flashlight will also help in guiding the rescuers towards you in case of emergency.

Trail map & GPS

It’s best to take along a trail map of the area that you can easily get from the ranger station or the visitor centre. The maps will also point out areas of interest that you may not get a glimpse of if you weren’t informed. A good GPS device should also be carried in order to identify your correct position, just in case you get lost.

Lightweight Backpack

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