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Career in Petroleum Engineering For Young Graduates

Petroleum has always been known as the liquid gold since the early days due to the importance of the energy provided by it in our day to day life. The middle-east nations have become the center of attraction in this regard owing to the presence of petroleum in abundance. This has also led to the creation of large number job opportunities for young petroleum engineering graduates.Though there is a high demand for petroleum engineers around the world,still there is very less information available on this lucrative career option. Petroleum engineering career is one of the most challenging fields an engineer can enter into.

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The career of petroleum engineers has many aspects. It involves purifying, extracting, study of techniques, methods of petroleum and natural gas etc.Engineers have to work on everything right from discovery and location of petroleum fields followed by its extraction processes, examination of the nature, quality and most profitable usability of oil by various methods like distillation and purification. Engineers are required to acquire the skills necessary for the development and analysis of latest machinery, techniques and equipment used for extracting, processing and distillation of oil from its primary source to obtain the form in which it can be used directly by consumers. A career in a global oil company will also provide an opportunity to enjoy a travelling oriented profession to various parts of the world, which probably is the best part of it.

Petroleum engineering is divided into two parts namely ‘Upstream Sector’ and ‘Downstream Sector’. The upstream sector deals with oil-related activities involving exploration, production and exploitation of petroleum for the maximum quantity, output and profit. This is done by drilling and using other geophysical techniques. The Downstream sector deals with the processes of refining, marketing and distribution of the petroleum products. A good amount of management and marketing skill is required in this field.

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A career in petroleum engineering requireshard work, dedication and responsibility. It is a highly paid profession which demands high-precision, accuracy and expertise. Petroleum is the most sought chemical in day-to-day life and almost everything runs on the power provided by it. It is omnipresent in the daily social and domestic life and is of great use in various metallurgical experiments. To pursue a career in this booming industry, you must be ready to work hard in a challenging environment.

KIER aims to train the best of minds and transform them as readily employable upstream Oil & Gas professionals. The institute offers various courses in petroleum engineering and innovative energy related education and training, that will help students succeed worldwide.

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