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10 Steps to Reduce Toxin Exposure of Your Pets

It is possible to protect your companion from over-exposure to toxins with some thoughtful choices. Here are some steps to reduce toxin exposure in pets:

Feed a high quality diet, free of chemical preservatives – avoid BHA, BHT ðoxyquin found in some popular pet food brands.Look for natural preservatives like rosemary, mixed tocopherols, and ascorbic acid (vitamin c). Wouldn’t you rather feed your pet vitamins & herbs than chemicals found in paint thinner?

Avoid pet foods containing meat by-products - Meat by-products often contain the worst of the packing plant leftovers – including road kill, “4-D” livestock (dead, dying, disabled or diseased), and euthanized animals.

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Avoid foods with non-organic corn or soy ingredients for your birds, (dogs & cats shouldn’t be eating corn or soy anyway), as corn and soy both have some of the highest rates herbicide and pesticide use.

Use non-toxic cleaners in your home – You shouldn’t be breathing in things like bleach, ammonia or foaming bubble bathroom cleaners, either. Vinegar works – smells awful, but it won’t kill your brain cells.

Opt out of the Teflon carpet treatment promoted as stain resistant protection. Teflon chemicals break down into dangerous particulates and gases. So get rid of the Teflon,even fromthe kitchen – especially if you have birds.

Use stainless steel or ceramic pet dishes – avoid plastic - Some plastics used for pet dishes can emit toxins like BPA and phthalates into your pet’s food and water supply. Plastic is also more porous and scratches, allowing it to harbor bacteria.

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Wipe their paws!Roads, sidewalks and lawns harbor toxins you can’t see, but your pet can ingest when they lick their paws – including lead, pesticides, heavy metals from vehicle exhaust, bacteria andviruses.

Unplug those plug-in air fresheners and open the window - Toxins found in air fresheners and room deodorizers include naphthalene, phenol, cresol, dichlorobenzene, and xylene. These and other air freshener chemicals have been implicated in cancer, neurological damage, reproductive and developmental disorders, and other conditions. They also aggravate asthma and allergies.

Don’t smoke - OK, that one was obvious. However, just because you can’t quit doesn’t mean your pet has to suffer – at least go outside.

Help your pet detoxify naturally – always offer plenty of clean, bottled or filtered water and give treats and supplements that support detoxification.

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