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Spending Your Holidays in the Best Resorts in Wayanad

Wayanad, located in in Kerala is considered as one of the best destinations for touring in South India. It is a narrow strip of scenic land with Western Ghats mountain ranges on the eastern side and Arabian Sea on the left. There are plenty of sightseeing and exploration opportunities in Wayanad in store for visitors, who wish to make the most out of their holidays.

Lust green forests, the aborigine tribe, dense plantations, tall ranges of mountains etc., contributes to the beauty of this gorgeous place. It is a perfect destination for tourists looking for adventurous activities like trekking, rock climbing, mountain climbing, etc.

Resorts at vythiri in Wayanad - VythiriVillage.com

The two popular wild life reserves in Wayanad are Tholpetty Wildlife Reserve and the Multhanga Wildlife Reserve. The rarest of animal and bird species can be seen in these sanctuaries. Kuruva Island, the Chembra Peak and the Edakkal Caves, Pookode lake, Banasura Sagar Dam, Soochippara falls, Thirunelli temple, Pakshipathalam etc. are some other must see places in Wayanad.

For honeymooners, Wayanad serves as an ideal destination in nature’s lap. Different types of honeymoon packages are available ranging from standard packages to luxury packages. Luxury packages are offered depending upon the choice of customers. You will be guaranteed one of the most unforgettable and delightful time in Wayanad, you will cherish forever.

Spa resorts in Kerala - VythiriVillage.com

The place is ideal for people looking to explore the nature and enjoy their time with their beloved ones. The climate is fantastic and you wouldn’t want to leave. Most resorts in Wayanad offer exciting packages during the monsoon season which includes meals, spa facilities, guided trekking, swimming, multi cuisine dinner etc.

Vythiri Village is a luxury spa resort in Wayanad, embracing excellence and striving for the highest standards to make a delightful and embellished treat for every visitor that comes to this ‘Nature’s Best Kept Secret’.

Resorts and spa in kerala - VythiriVillage.com
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Benefits of Home Alarm Systems

With hundreds of options available in choosing alarm systems for home security, it could be a difficult to select the best one suited for your home. However, the uses of alarm systems are consistently on a rise today due to the various benefits it offers to home owners and their valuable properties. With the advancement in technology, from being simple devices, these alarm systems now offers a highly sophisticated and complex security solution for people. Here are some advantages of using alarm systems.

Security alarm system in Delray Beach - CKSecurity.com

Protection from Break-in

The stickers and little signs on houses about the installed alarm systems usually tend to keep off the intruders. These signs will have a psychological effect on home invaders that lets them think twice before committing a break-in. It helps to ward them off even in case the system is turn off.

Protection from Fire

Major security companies offers protection from fire accidents as well. Cases includes protection from fire, carbon monoxide etc.

Saves on Insurance

The insurance companies consider installation of security system as additional means to protect your property. Hence these companies usually offer 5 to 20% discounts on policies.

Security cameras in Delray Beach, Florida - CKSecurity.com

Increased Property Value

A house equipped with security system has more market value. This is a good investment, especially when you are planning to move to a new place. The incoming home owner need not spend much on up-gradation and makes the deal attractive.

Ensure Security with Less Effort

The system works 24x7 without any issues. You need not worry about the system and can continue going about your business tension free.

Secures the Community

If a security system is installed in your home, neighbors and friends would like to try this out. Eventually this offers protection to the entire community.

Saves Money

Considering the numerous features and advantages security systems offer for you and your properties, these are really worth the money.

CK's Lock shop and Security Center is a perfect place to find security systems varying from card access systems, surveillance cameras, Security Locks, electric door releases, push button lock systems, electronic lock systems, panic devices etc. For over fifty years C.K’s has worked to improve its level of excellence, professionalism, and quality of service. The company also has many mobile units that cover the area to serve people more efficiently

Best card access system in Delray Beach - CKSecurity.com

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Importance of 3D Laser Scanning Services in Oil and Gas Industry


What makes laser scanning highly popular is the fact that it offers all the advantages of traditional surveying methods at a fraction of the cost. Laser surveying offers mainly 3 benefits compared to the traditional method. It shortens the surveying process, requires less materials of the surveyor and it provides data to clients, which can be repurposed without the help of the surveyor. Polygon mesh models, Surface models, CAD models etc. can be easily edited to customize your plans as required.

Laser scanning is preferred nowadays by various organizations for the sheer simplicity it brings to the surveying process. Engineering and construction sector are considered as two industries where laser scanning has had a huge impact in which spatial data gathering is a daily necessity. This is evident, especially in oil and gas industry, where all the planning/surveying of pipelines, is done by laser scanning.

Rig Management System - Tech27.com

Applications in Oil and Gas industry

The services offered under pipeline surveying generally falls into three categories - Aerial surveying, Land surveying and construction staking, and subsurface utilities engineering. The major scanning services associated with each of these areas are as follows.

Aerial Surveying

This includes surveying associated with pipelines, like digital terrain modeling, contour mapping, high altitude route selection imagery, low altitude engineering design industry, HCA study imagery, planning and profiling sheets and FERC support exhibits.

Land surveying and Construction Staking

Construction staking, planning and profiling sheets, well location staking, boundary surveying, right of way easements, preliminary center line and alignment staking services/applications are the services offered under land surveying and construction staking.

3D Modeling Service - Tech27.com

Subsurface Utilities Engineering

This includes services/applications for subsurface utilities engineering like CAD files preparation, non-destructive vacuum excavations, utility location and utility marking, relocation plans for utilities and visible surfaces feature surveys.

Tech27 Systems is a technology solutions provider and engineering service company that use advance computer systems to deliver cutting-edge and cost-effective solutions for the oil & gas Industry.

Asset Optimization and Tracking System - Tech27.com
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Selecting Wardrobe Door Designs for Your Bedrooms

It is quite easy to get confused while selecting home furnishings. We feel overwhelmed with the vast availability of varieties. A home furnishing doesn’t really mean a change of furniture or to apply a brand new coat of paint. Homes, where small details are taken into consideration will appear veryattractive. On the other hand,well designed bedroom with boring wardrobe doors will give a bad impression about your taste.

Original site- Noyeks.ie

Doors have a huge impact on the overall look of a home, especially wardrobe doors. There are numerous designs of wardrobe doors available today. Designs should match with the theme of the house. Modern, streamlined furniture will suit blend in well with the urban chic look theme. Such a theme can be well accentuated by doors of dark polish color or even black lacquer. A Victorian look around the house can be achieved with the help of intricately carved wooden wardrobe doors. This can be a perfect match to the decorative furniture and dark painted walls.

Louvers are considered as the best solution for homes with almost any kind of theme.These wardrobe doors can match with front doors, kitchen and bathroom cabinets. It is easy to clean and look fabulous with a single coat of polish.

Paneled wardrobe doors are another popular style. They look really brilliant without making wardrobe in a cluttered or messy manner.Some people also prefergo with a highly simple form wooden wardrobe doors which is smaller in width. They are coated with thedark wooden polish, which looks more beautiful and classy.

Wideplank flooring designs- Noyeks.ie

Installation of sliding doors has taken the wardrobe world with a storm. These doors are usually covered with a metallic frame installed along with fiber optic glass. The glass is opaque in nature and it gives a vague view of the wardrobe. A sliding door isveryeasy to open at all times of the day. The metallic frame can be painted according to the color which suits the room.

Lattice-work also appears in some wardrobe doors. They are stunning in appearance but might cost larger than the average wardrobe doors. There is no necessity to change the wardrobe doors frequently provided they are well maintained.

Noyeks.ie supplies timber panel products, kitchens, kitchen doors and accessories, hardwood flooring, decorative laminates, decking, interior doors and associated products to merchants, shop fitters, office furniture manufacturers, carpenters and joiners to the general public, countrywide.

Wideplank flooring designs- Noyeks.ie

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Mixed-use Development is Future of Real Estate in India


Calicut, India: Mixed-use developments that incorporate residential, retail, entertainment, hospitality and corporate venues are emerging in metros as well as tier-II and III cities in India. Experts in the industry feel that Mixed Use Development will be the future of the buildings as retail is becoming more organized now than before.

Slowly and steadily these kind of futuristic developments are taking place across the city now. Mixed-use realty development in vogue now. Soon the country may witness many such projects as they are said to be the future of India's realty.

One such futuristic development is taking place in Kozhikode also known as Calicut, in the state of Kerala in southern India on the Malabar Coast. Kozhikode is the third largest city in Kerala and is part of the second largest urban agglomeration in Kerala with a metropolitan population of 20 lakh plus as per 2011 census.Kozhikode, the city which stands testimony to the Europe’s trade mission from Portugal in 1498 when Vasco da Gama first landed at its shore is now making firm foot in India's realty sector.

At a time when developmental projects in major cities have reached a kind of stagnation, tier 2 cities have become a high growth sector for the real estate industry in India. Thanks to the high purchasing capacity of non-resident Keralites, the city is attracting investment in real estate sector says Mr P. Sulaiman, Chairman and Managing Director of HiLite Builders Pvt Ltd.

Calicut Real Estate - HiLITEBuilders.com

HiLite Builders Pvt Ltd, which has been developing property since 2003, has successfully completed several projects in a short span of 9 years. It has geared up now with its latest project – HiLite City, a first of its kind urban integrated township in Kerala with 32,00,000 sq.ft- consisting of residential, commercial and retail spaces awaiting completion by 2013. The City houses a shopping mall, 400 luxury apartments (Hilite Residency) and office spaces (Hilite Business Park) for commercial enterprises besides a massive car parking facility that can accommodate more than 3000 cars, informed Mr. P.laiman. HiLITE Business Park comprises an exclusive office complex with twin 'S’ shaped towers aggregating over 10 lakh sq. ft. of built-up space. HiLITE Builders deliver a world-class living experience in harmony with nature, he adds further.

Adding further Mr. M.A. Mehaboob Director of the group said, retail spaces (HiLite Mall) will form a major attraction. As a centre of leisure and everyday living, HiLite Mall would be the right blend of retail and entertainment spaces that include 60000sq.ft hypermarket, 120000sq.ft department store, 35000sq.ft gaming zone. The mall would have a total built-up area of 1.4 million square feet with 200+ branded retail outlets, a business hotel, 8 screen multiplex, food courts, convention/expo hall and much more.

Hilite venture is dubbed as Futuristic one of the very few First-of-its-kind Mixed Use Development projects in South India and only of its kind in Kerala. This project has set an example for many of the realty players to look up at.

Flats at Calicut - HiLITEBuilders.com

Mixed land use development is the best bet for the realty sector as it provides convenience of shopping, good institutions, hotels etc., at one place. Also, it has the potential of attracting more investors. In times to come there is a lot of scope for these kinds of projects because the development incorporates residential, retail, entertainment, hospitality and corporate venues. Mixing land uses can reduce automobile dependency for daily life chores or work.

Because all the goods and services for daily living made available within the walking distance, there is no need to use bikes or travel to short distances. It is just a matter of time before it becomes wide spread. Though it is new, but will be accepted well and fast because of the effective use of the land.

The scarcity of land in many developing cities as well as other for development has necessitated the development of this concept feels Mr. P. Sulaiman. We need to make use the available land to accommodate future needs. Mixed-use and compact developments have become alternative and attractive approach, he said.

This concept will be a boon particularly those who are refrain to move to city outskirts, because of distance to stay away from convenience shopping, good institutions, hotels etc. The main cities being saturated, it has become absolutely necessary to move to outskirts or peripheral areas. And what could be the better model than mix land use development, questioned Mr. P. Sulaiman. Now that developers coming with projects with commercial spaces right within the realty project, even suburbs too are very much preferred now. It is comparatively easy to market mixed land development projects. For investors appreciation is higher than the regular building projects. The only aspect to be kept in mind is that such developments should be regulated and well planned, observed P. Sulaiman.

Apartment in Calicut - HiLITEBuilders.com

Internationally, mixed use developments have been very successful. The models are fairly successful in large cities and Tier II cities have also shown encouraging response. India is no exception. We too will repeat its success, observed Mr. Sulaiman.

The total cost for the project is to the tune of Rs 900 crore and of this, the investment for shopping mall alone would be Rs 500 crore. When completed, the HiLite mall would be the first to introduce some of the premium brands such as the retail chain Lifestyle, the global brand Spar, Mark & Spencer, Cinepolis, one of the biggest multiplex chains in the world and Amoeba, the leisure and entertainment group in India, stated Mr. Mehaboob.

Several regional real estate players have already been established in Kozhikode, the city ranked second best in India to reside in considering parameters like health, education, environment, safety, public facilities and entertainment. Our knowledge of the local markets has given us an edge over national players says Mr. P. Sulaiman. HiLITE is a firm with the reputation of being a residential player with high credibility and sufficient brand recall in the region, has introduced the people of Kerala, the concept of community living with its project HiLITE Metromax and Focus Mall, Kerala’s first shopping mall. The current project HiLITE City is a best example of how mixed used development of land, a concept not so popular in India, has been efficiently put into practice in a tier II city like Kozhikode, he said.

Major brands like Marks & Spencer, Lifestyle, Cinepolis, Auchan, Amoeba, Max, Lee, Nike, Woodland, Louis Philippe, Indigo Nation, Baskin Robbins, Regal Shoes, Van heusen, Scullers, Manchester United, John Miller, Baby Care, Peter England, Enryca Geneva, Allen Solly, People, Espirit, Wrangler, Levis, Benetton, John Players and the Body Shop have already found place within the mall. The project, nearing completion by the year 2013, opens up a huge investment opportunity for investors far and wide. HiLITE builders assure guaranteed rental returns along with value appreciation for the project inform Mr. M.A. Mehaboob. HiLITE’s most ambitious ongoing project HiLITE City at Calicut is being designed as the first of its kind integrated township in the state spread over 15.6 acres of land.

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Benefits of Using a 4 Season Camping Tents

The major difference between a regular tent and a 4 season tent is the fact that they are sturdier and have tougher outer walls. When it is zipped up, you can be sure that no harmful natural elements from outside will get in and disturb your sleep. Apart from this, these tents are more durable and offer good protection from harsh weather conditions like heavy rains and storms. But this does not limit their usage just in harsh weather conditions. The same comes in various styles and sizes with option to unzip the outer fly, letting you enjoy the breeze while still providing protection from extreme temperatures. 
Though it is not necessary to have a 4 season tent for occasional summer camping, these could be a wise choice in extreme conditions, and can greatly improve your camping experience. The main advantages of using such tents are: 
Best tents for sale - Geartrade.com
These tents, which are designed for extreme weather conditions comes with thicker outer material that is too difficult to penetrate through. All the seams are very tightly sewn, making the tent tightly sealed when the door and fly are zipped. 
In order to protect from heavy winds, rains and snowfalls, these 4 season tents are designed to be very stable. Even in harsh conditions, these four season tents will remain rock solid and steady. Since the overall structure of the tent is strong, the poles are also less likely to break.
Sell a leather jacket - Geartrade.com
Usually winter tents require good ventilation, but one in 4 season tents, the ventilation panels and meshes tend to be a bit smaller. This could be a minor issue especially in hot summers, but since the tent material is heavier, the insulation is more form the outside conditions, and the inside of the tent is more likely to be cooler. 
GearTrade.com is an online marketplace to buy and sell new and used outdoor gear. The website serves as a good platform where buyers and sellers get the best deals for the products
Sell hobie kayak - Geartrade.com
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Maintenance and Repair Tips for Mercedes Benz


Ventura, CA: Mercedes Benz cars are well known for their quality German engineering and expert craftsmanship delivering high performance, capturing the imagination of car lovers all over the world. Mercedes vehicles are very popular for their cutting edge technology and have established themselves as a luxury symbol.

To maintain these high end cars properly, the following tips will help you.

Fuel Filter

When the vehicle runs too long using the same fuel filter, the flow of fuel to the engine gets restricted. This causes trouble while starting the vehicle, which leads to loss of power and delay in movement. The contaminants in fuel system can cause hindrance to the smooth drive, if the clog injector inlet screens are not trapped by the filter.

Ignition System Parts

Spark plugs give an indication of overall engine condition. Technicians are able to determine any problems by inspecting the spark plugs. Performance of a Mercedes can be enhanced by replacing the old spark plugs.

Check this out - BandCForeignCar.com

Transmission Filter

To ensure a smooth and comfortable ride, the smooth operation of the transmission is vital. Transmission slippage, gear engagement issues and hesitation are some of the problems which arise when the transmission filter becomes clogged. Transmission filter should be replaced regularly to extend the life of the automatic transmission.

Air Filter

Air filters usually trap dirt and other airborne particles. They help to protect carburetors on older vehicles, preventing clogging of air bleeds and metering jets. Air filters also protect fuel injectors. A clogged or dirty air filter will reduce the performance of engines by blocking the air flow.

Oil Filter

Replacing the oil filter is a simple task and it is necessary for every vehicle. Oil filters removes rust and some other solid contaminants from the oil, which helps in a cleaner and more efficient engine.

Mercedes service California - BandCForeignCar.com

Fluid Levels

Fluid levels include transmission, oil, coolants, washer, and power steering fluids which should be checked monthly. Mercedes works really better if these are properly maintained.

Oxygen (O2) Sensors

The oxygen sensor helps in monitoring the oxygen level of the exhaust. It allows the computer to adjust the air/fuel mixture to reduce the level of emissions and fuel consumption. It should be replaced timely to restore the optimal engine performance.


Tires play a significant part in the safety, longevity, fuel economy, as well as in performance of the vehicle. Checking the air pressure in tires is also an essential criterion in vehicle maintenance.

B&CForeigncar.com offers a complete service by qualified, factory-trained technicians who are experts in maintaining imported vehicles such as BMW, Mercedes Benz or Volvo Automobile in top running condition. They have a highly trained team of technicians with over 150 years of combined experience.

Browse - BandCForeignCar.com
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Buy Used Jeep Wranglers for Off-road Adventures

Whenever you hear the term off-roading, the first vehicle that comes to the mind are the Jeep Wranglers. By opting for a used Wrangler, you get the opportunity to select a make and mode of this powerful vehicle, which you feel comfortable to use, for various off-roading adventure activities. Buying used Wranglers also saves a lot of money compared to newer ones. But you need to consider various factors carefully before choosing a used one.

Buying Chrysler vehicle In Maryland - DonWhites.com

Always prefer sellers that are close to your location. Many local dealerships offer used Jeep models, but they may not have the exact model you might want. Look for newspaper ads etc. and see if any dealers are offering the specific model you are looking for. Once you find the right model, contact the seller and fix a time convenient for both to have a look at the vehicle. A hard top model is not desirable as it is more expensive to replace and requires more than one person to safely remove it. On the other hand, a soft top model allows easy removal of the top and installation of a new one,

Used Jeeps for sale in Maryland online - DonWhites.com

The next important step here is to see the ownership record history of the vehicle. Most private dealerships prefer to keep a thorough record of the ownership details and maintenance reports of used off-roading vehicles like Wranglers. This information is very vital to find out if the vehicle had been involved in any kind of accidents previously resulting in serious damages. The details could also be available online in certain websites.

You need to inspect the vehicle thoroughly before deciding on it. Take the vehicle for a test drive on all sorts of roads to get a real feel of the performance of the vehicle. Also look under the hood for any damages or improperly fitting hoses and belts. Tires, steering, engines etc. should also be inspected carefully to ensure everything is in perfect condition. Having a mechanic assist you in the inspection is a good idea, as he might have a better knowledge on the vehicle and the various issues related to the vehicle.Don White's Timonium, a leading Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram dealer in Cockeysville, has also been serving the areas nearby Baltimore, Parkville and Dundalk for years.

Cars for sale in Baltimore MD - DonWhites.com
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