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Essential Tips & Gear To Carry During Your Spring Adventure

A day hike during spring season offers breath-taking views of nature, which do not last for more than a few months. Excellent weather condition sand flora will make your trip one of the best you’ve ever taken.

But before venturing out for a day hike in this spring, you have to make sure that you carry all the necessary gear to make the trip a wonderful one. The following are a few tips on how you can make your hiking trip a joyous experience.

Carry Enough Water

Carry enough water during the hike. Most hikers prefer to carry 1 liter of water for every 3 miles. The amount could be varying depending on people and could be twice during hot and sunny climates. So always carry at least 1 or 2 litres of water with you, which can be easily stored at the bottom of your backpacks, as they are heavy.

Start Early

Starting your trip early in the morning is a good idea. This helps you to save some energy and water as you don’t have to deal with the hot conditions early on, especially during a longer trip. The hot temperature in spring should not be a huge issue, but it is always better to check the weather in advance.

Lightweight Rain shell

Sudden rains are common in spring at higher elevations. So it is advisable to carry a lightweight rain shell to protect you and the gear as well.
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Proper Shoes

Wear shoes that come with aggressive treads on the soles to ensure maximum safety. Flip flops are not a good choice for hiking and sport shoes too do not provide enough grip on certain difficult terrains. Also do not wear cotton socks.

Protein Rich Food

,Always carry snacks which are rich in protein. Most hikers prefer carrying extra protein bars as they are light weight and don’t get spoiled or smashed easily in your backpack.

Layered Clothing

Always wear multiple layers of clothing on your body. An undershirt that wicks away moisture, a light weight shirt and a light thermal layer should be included. A jacket could also be used in case the climate is very cold.
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Electronic Devices

Ensure that your cell phone is full charged before you start your trip. A flash light with additional battery is also necessary during hiking, especially in evening. The flashlight will also help in guiding the rescuers towards you in case of emergency.

Trail map & GPS

It’s best to take along a trail map of the area that you can easily get from the ranger station or the visitor centre. The maps will also point out areas of interest that you may not get a glimpse of if you weren’t informed. A good GPS device should also be carried in order to identify your correct position, just in case you get lost.

Lightweight Backpack

A light backpack is preferred, that comes with padded straps, and proper venting to keep you cool. Extra pockets give you more room to store food, water and other gear.GearTrade.com is one of the most popular online stores thatdeal with trading new and used outdoor gear at affordable rates. This new marketplace is helping specialty retailers, manufacturers, and independent sales reps enhance their relationships with outdoor enthusiasts and with each other. Unlike auctions, where the selling price is based on bidding, the seller fixes pricing for items on GearTrade at the time an item is listed.

About Geratrade.comGearTrade.com is an online marketplace to buy and sell new and used outdoor gear. The website serves as a good platform where buyers and sellers get the best deals for the products listed. 
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High Demand for Custom Oak Wood Floorings

Durability, availability and affordability have made oak flooring the most preferred flooring options among people. Oak flooring is well known for its high permeability andcan be purchased in different colors to suit the various rooms. While buying make sure whether you want to go for distressed oak or a factory new one as these two look quite different.

This is considered as the most versatile flooring as it can take stains more evenly. Various color combinations like black, white and brown can be applied on them

without any difficulties. Oak flooring is a good choice forbedrooms and family rooms. Moreover it is highly resistant to insectsand fungal attacks. Oak also has an attractive grain which makes it a very good option for flooring.

Best wood floors - Noyeks.ie

Considering the case of formal rooms like offices and parlors,it is better to stain the white oak floors to dark. Thus, the custom-colored white oak flooring can be installed. Aged wood flooring can be used to add style to any part of the house.In case of older properties, it suits very well.

Red oak is also the most preferred wood flooring along with others. This beautiful wood can resists wear like no other wood. Its color ranges from white cream

color to exquisite warm, pale brown tinted with red. Red oak appears to be reddish brown in color. Its utility can be made across all kinds of applications. The flooring is soft and its grain pattern is open as well.

Bedroom doors design - Noyeks.ie

Red and White oak hardwood flooring gives more versatile look to the interiors.It is also extremely strong and durable. Oak flooring can add more value to your home, because it acts as a good thermal insulator, which will also save you money on heating the rooms.

For almost 120 years, Noyeks has been leading the way in supplying timber sheet materials and associated products to the Irish market. The company supplies timber panel products, kitchens, kitchen doors and accessories, hardwood flooring, decorative laminates, decking, interior doors and associated products to merchants, shop fitters, office furniture manufacturers, carpenters and joiners to the general public, countrywide.

Best kitchen accessories - Noyeks.ie

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The Best Spa Resort in Wayanad, Kerala

Holidays provide a break for you and your family from the hectic work schedule. It doesn’t matter whether opting for a two days break or a month long vacation, the excitement always remains the same. Spa resorts have are now becoming a major attraction for people looking to spend some quality vacation time. With scenic locations, homely atmosphere and versatile price brackets, spa resorts always attract domestic as well as international tourists.

Ayurveda resorts in Kerala - VythiriVillage.com

There are many luxury spa resorts in India offering some of the best accommodation and other facilities. Attractive packages provided by these resorts include Ayurvedic treatments and cures for different ailments and relishing massages. And there is no place better than Kerala, the Gods Own Country to experience the best of Ayurveda and natural remedies for various health issues.

Kerala has always been one of the most popular tourist destinations in India not just due to its scenic beauty, but also due to the Ayurvedic treatment facilities available in the state. A lot of people visit Kerala to spend some good moments with dear ones. Various customs, culture and art forms make Kerala a unique experience for travellers. The state offers warm hospitality and excellent accommodation facilities which attracts tourists from all over the world giving them a wonderful time.

Honeymoon resorts in Kerala - VythiriVillage.com

Wayanad, which is located in the northern part of Kerala, is an ideal tourist destination here for travelers. Along with rich tribal heritages, the place is blessed with agricultural prosperity, lush green virgin forests and natural sources of water and hill ranges. It has abundant natural resources that include exotic species of plants and wild animals. Wayanad is one among the must-see destination for every tourist who visit the Gods own country.

Resource Box

Vythiri Village is a luxury spa resort in Waynad, embracing excellence and striving for the highest standards to make a delightful and embellished treat for every visitor that comes to this ‘Nature’s Best Kept Secret’.

Honeymoon resorts in Kerala - VythiriVillage.com
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HiLITE Mall to Be the Launch Pad for Foreign Brands in Kerala


Kozhikode, India: Mall culture is catching up in the state with Calicut emerging as the leader having Focus Mall, the first shopping mall in Kerala, to the credit of HiLite builders. To cater to the ever growing demand for world class living experience, HiLite, the lifestyle trendsetter, is gearing up with its latest project HiLite City with HiLite Mall as its centre of attraction awaiting completion in 2013.

HiLite City is being designed as the first of its kind integrated township in the state spread over 16 acres of land. The project comprises residential (400 luxury apartments), commercial (1 million sq ft) and retail spaces (1.4 million sq ft).

On completion, HiLite Mall would be the best mall in Kerala with the right blend of retail and entertainment spaces that include 120000sq.ft hypermarket, 50000sq.ft department store, 35000 sq.ft gaming zone and indoor fun area. The Mall would have a total built-up area of 1.4 million square feet with 200+ branded retail outlets, a business hotel, 8 screen multiplex, food courts, convention/expo hall and much more.

Company website - HiLITEBuilders.com

HiLite Builders, being a seasoned player in the industry, had opened doors to various brands to Kerala through Focus Mall in 2007. HiLite Mall would be the first to introduce some of the premium lifestyle brands like Lifestyle, Auchan, Marks & Spencer Cinepolis and Amoeba in Kerala.

Lifestyle: A youthful, stylish brand spread across 15 countries and part of Landmark Group, Lifestyle has a loyal customer following ever since it set shop in India in 1999. Micky Jagtiani heads the retail giant which has its headquarters in Dubai. The store provides apparel, footwear, children’s wear & toys, furniture, furnishings, and personal grooming products under a single roof.

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Cinépolis, a Mexican brand, is one of the biggest multiplex chains in the world. The brand is foraying into Indian market providing superior ambience backed by over four decades of cinema experience. The 8-screen multiplex at HiLite Mall would offer a never-before experience to Kerala’s movie-goer.

Amoeba Leisure Zone: India's largest importer and distributor of amusement machines, H.M Group’s Amoeba leisure zone brings forth a new age in leisure and entertainment. HiLITE Mall will have a Bowling Alley and gaming zone. The people behind Amoeba have over 20 years of experience in the leisure industry.

Strategically located at the NH Thondayad bypass, Calicut, HiLite Mall is sure to attract huge footfalls. On completion in 2013, it would be the best lifestyle destination in Kerala.

HiLITE’s most ambitious ongoing project HiLITE City at Calicut is being designed as the first of its kind integrated township in the state spread over 15.6 acres of land.

Company website - HiLITEBuilders.com
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Best Volvo Repair and Maintenance Services

Ventura, CA: In case of high end cars like Volvo, finding a reliable auto repair and maintenance shop seems to be a challenge. Although Volvos are high performance luxury vehicles, this car brand is very popular among vehicle enthusiasts. Finding a good Volvo repair and maintenance service provider is quite a difficult task. To find a reputed Volvo maintenance shop, we have to follow certain guidelines while finding one.

A Volvo Certified Mechanic:

Authorized dealerships and auto body shops will have mechanics trained specifically in fixing certain car models. They will have access to authentic factory replacement parts. Volvo-certified shops and dealerships rely on the level of expertise and familiarity with manufacturing updates on the car. Most service centers also provide a temporary car rental to use while your vehicle is being repaired.

Volvo repair Ventura CA - BandCForeignCar.com

Local Search:

A good word of mouth recommendation from friends, family members as well as co-workers can make your job easier. Honest mechanics take time in explaining to their customers about various options in carrying out the necessary repair and maintenance services. This is the reason why local auto body shops are largely considered by many car owners. Whether certified or not, these local shops have accumulated loyal clients for quite some time and the service charges are also quite affordable here. These shops provide less expensive rates compared with other authorized dealers.

Browse - BandCForeignCar.com

Preventive Maintenance:

Search for a service center whenever you get time and opportunity. Although preventive maintenance feels like an added expense, this will give the necessary care and attention that deserves for the car.

Foreign car service Calif - BandCForeignCar.com
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Mistakes to Avoid While Buying Used Cars

While buying a used car, it is necessary to ensure that you avoid certain common mistakes.

Impulsive buying leads to regrets later and this applies to buying a car as well. Therefore, if you are going to buy a used car, avoid the following mistakes to ensure peace of mind and no regrets later.

Do not be attracted straightaway

It is understandable that when you see your favorite car, you get carried away by its looks and features. But this often leads to taking an irrational decision. Therefore, do not get hooked and review your different options before buying one.

Used car dealers in Baltimore, Maryland - DonWhites.com

Do not rely on the dealer’s words

While buying a used car, you need to be a little cautious and should not completely rely on the dealer’s or his salesman’s words. You must take a decision only after analyzing the car reports.

Never forget to get the car checked by a mechanic

The exteriors of the car might be good but what matters, more is the engine and its running condition. Therefore, you should get the car checked by a mechanic before purchasing.

Cars for sale Baltimore - DonWhites.com

Take the test drive

Avoiding the test drive can be a costly mistake. The test drive gives you a feel of the car and let you know of the actual running condition of the vehicle.

Compare and check the price

Often people get carried away on seeing a car that they wish to own. However, you should not forget to research and compare the prices of the same car with different dealers so as to get the best deal.

Do not ignore the details

Always inspect the car thoroughly for properly functioning headlights, wipers, motor of the windows and other such things. In addition, you must also check for the safety features assured by the dealer.

Don White's Timonium, a leading Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram dealer in Cockeysville, has also been serving the areas nearby Baltimore, Parkville and Dundalk for years.

Buying Chrysler vehicle In Maryland online - DonWhites.com

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