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Importance of Oral Care For Senior Pets

According to the American Dental Society, 80% of dogs and 70% of cats show signs of oral disease by age three. This can lead to even more serious health problems including heart, lung and kidney disease. Ensuring your pet receives proper dental care from an early age is critical.

In addition to oral examinations and dental cleanings performed by your veterinarian, there are several things you can do for ensuring that your dog or cat stays healthy.

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Brushing at Home

Brushing your pet's teeth daily helps prevent a multitude of oral and other health problems. It is best to introduce dental home care early with your new puppy or kitten. During your first veterinary visit, request a demonstration of how to properly and effectively brush your pet's teeth.

Below are step-by-step instructions on how to brush your pet's teeth at home.

1. Start with a healthy, comfortable mouth by having your veterinarian perform a dental cleaning. Existing problems may cause pain leading to an uncooperative dog or cat.

2. Start slowly by letting your pet become comfortable with you working inside their mouth with your finger. Gently rub along the gumline. Start at the front, and move toward the back upper and then lower teeth and gums.

3. Pull his lip up to rub the outside of the teeth and gums.

4. Pull his head back gently to encourage him to open his mouth so you can clean the inside of his teeth.

5. Repeat on the opposite side of the mouth.

6. After your dog or cat becomes comfortable with your finger, place gauze over your finger and rub their teeth in a circular motion.

7. When your pet can handle the gauze, introduce a toothbrush during the next brushing session. It is important to make this switch because a bristled toothbrush cleans below the gumline where gauze or pads cannot reach.

8. Apply the bristles at a 45 degree angle to the surface of the tooth. Using small, circular motions, brush around the outside of the teeth ensuring the bristles get under the gumline. Brushing the sides of the teeth is not as important, as dogs and cats typically do not have tartar build-up between teeth like humans do.

9. Gradually add toothpaste designed for dogs or cats. Do not use people toothpaste or baking soda as both can upset your pet's stomach.

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10. Place your hand over your pet's muzzle gently squeezing from the top.

11. Help keep your pet calm by praising your pet, speaking reassuringly and keeping the brushing sessions short. Remember, you will not always have a perfect teeth brushing session, but it's important to be consistent and keep trying.

Other Considerations for a Healthy Mouth

Hard food and teeth cleaning biscuits can help keep your pet's mouth clean in between brushings.

You should make sure to examine your pet's mouth for signs of periodontal diseases regularly. Brownish teeth, consistently bad breath, swollen or bleeding gums and pus between the teeth and gums are all warning signs. If your dog or cat has these symptoms, consult your veterinarian.

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How To Ace The 10-Minute Interview

Every job seeker knows there isn’t much time to make a positive impression during an interview. Human-resources managers say that they form a positive or negative opinion of candidates within 10 minutes. And some make impressions even more quickly. Eighteen percent of respondents claim they need just five minutes to draw conclusions about an interviewee.

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How can you make the most of the little time you have? Here are some tips:

Arrive on time: Although no one tries to be late, it’s easy to find yourself scrambling around the morning of your interview as the meeting time draws closer.

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One way to ensure you’re not late is to aim to arrive half an hour early. If you find you have time to spare, use it to review your resume, check your appearance in the restroom and make sure your cell phone has been turned off before stepping into the employer’s office. Show up five to 10 minutes before the interview is scheduled to start to prove that you’re punctual.

Bring reinforcements: Don’t arrive to the interview empty handed. Bring extra copies of your resume and any work samples you submitted or were asked to provide. Also prepare a list of references in case the interviewer requests this information. Compiling this document ahead of time is a good way to show you’re prepared. Also pack a notepad and pen before heading out the door. During the interview, note down key points about the job or company. These details will come in handy when crafting a thank-you note to the hiring manager and when evaluating the opportunity if you’re offered the role. Shake hands like you mean it.

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Assess your surroundings: Once seated in the interview room, take a moment to survey your surroundings, especially if you’re meeting in the hiring manager’s office. Give yourself a moment to compose your thoughts before responding. Then, speak clearly and at a comfortable pace. Try to maintain as natural a tone as possible. Watch your body language. Body language plays a significant role in the message you convey. For example, wiggling your foot, biting your nails or frantically clicking the pen in your hand will make you seem nervous, bored or distracted — and likely annoy the hiring manager.

Instead, strike a confident pose. Look the interviewer in the eye when speaking, and lean forward in your chair to show you’re engaged. Just don’t overdo it. An exaggerated or unnatural pose can come across as, well, just plain weird.

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How To Ace The 10-Minute Interview

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A Balanced Approach To Phone Interviews

Phone interviews lack many things that can make an in-person meeting with a potential employer so stressful. You don't have to make your way to an unfamiliar location and hunt for a parking spot, meet and impress prospective colleagues in the hallways, or figure out an elegant way to hide that spot on your shirt. As a result, some job seekers approach phone interviews less seriously. Here are a few guideposts that will help you walk the line between over-preparing and not being prepared enough.

Be professional throughout your interview

From the beginning, you must present yourself as polished, considerate and professional. That means greeting the hiring manager with, "Hi, Joanna, this is John Douglas. It's a pleasure to speak with you" as opposed to the kind of casual greeting you reserve for close friends. And if your outgoing phone message is casual or goofy, change it in case the employer's call goes to voice mail. Just before the scheduled interview time, disable call waiting and get set up in a distraction-free environment with a strong cell signal or landline connection. Have your resume and the job listing in front of you. Smile as you talk to give your voice confidence. At the end of the call, thank the hiring manager for her time. If she hasn't mentioned the possibility of an in-person interview, ask politely about the next step.

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But be yourself.

Being overly formal can have the opposite of your intended effect. Needlessly officious language can create a barrier between you and the employer. Ideally, you want to find common ground. The same holds true for projecting too much enthusiasm if these feelings don't come naturally for you.

Prepare yourself to answer thoroughly

Research the company and its current challenges, just as you would for an in-person interview. Swallow your pride and ask a friend to conduct a practice phone interview with you. Afterward, make a list of key talking points that match up with the position's requirements. Keep it handy during your interview to use as a reminder.

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Don't overdo it.

During in-person interviews, nonverbal prompts make it easier to carry on a natural conversation. You can generally tell when the interviewer wants you to talk and when to wait for the next question.

That distinction is trickier over the phone; a few seconds of silence can turn you into a radio DJ scrambling to fill dead air. Keep in mind that the interviewer may simply be taking notes, so don't talk just to avoid silence.

Follow the interviewer's lead

During the interview, you'll need to pick up on not just the content of the hiring manager's questions but also the tone. Don't be so fixated on your talking points that you miss these cues.If the interviewer seems relaxed and open, you can take more time answering the questions. If her tone is matter-of-fact and abrupt, focus on getting your points across quickly and economically.In either case, make sure you're listening, not just waiting for your next turn to speak. Asking a salient question in response to something the interviewer has mentioned can demonstrate your ability to think and talk on your feet.

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Drink Cocoa to Lower Your BP

Over the last year, word has gotten around that chocolate has some positive effects on health for the average person. Australian researchers just added to that impression. According to their study, a little cocoa, combined with other factors, may actually decrease blood pressure for those with hypertension. But they are careful in how they word their statements.

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“Although we don’t yet have evidence for any sustained decrease in blood pressure, the small reduction we saw over the short term might complement other treatment options and may even contribute to reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease.”

Your blood pressure should, on average, be no higher than 120/80. And if your diet includes a little extra cocoa, the research suggests your blood pressure may drop somewhere between two and three points. Granted, this doesn’t compare to certain prescription medicines that have a much deeper impact on blood pressure, but the very idea that the primary ingredient of chocolate has a soothing effect on the blood is worthy of note.

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Like all studies, this one has a downside. In actuality, cocoa may not have been the only dietary factor that brought down blood pressure in the test subjects. What’s more, some of the compounds in cocoa can actually be found in teas and berries, which would suggest that the so-called research might be stretching the truth a little bit.

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