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Why WordPress Web Development Services are Gaining in Popularity?


From being a simple blogging platform, WordPress has evolved today itself into an extremely comprehensive content management suite that is used by web developers across the world. It is highly flexible, adaptable, and if the user wants to add a specific feature to the website, there are literally thousands of plugins available on WordPress to perform that task. WordPress being a CMS allows users to create content unusually fast that the user and makes it easy for them to modify, delete, and update the content anytime, anywhere.

These are the main reasons why WordPress is a highly preferred web developing platform:

Outsource Web Development Services - Mindster.in

WordPress Is Cost Effective

WordPress is an open source content management program and there are a lot of free add-ons and plugins available to boost and enhance the functionality. Moreover, since the platform is based on PHP, the ease of editing and customization makes it really cost effective as the availability of programmers are plenty.

It Is Easy To Use

Updating pages on WordPress is literally as easy as editing a Word document. You don’t have to be a web designer o developer to manage your content. Even a person with minimal knowledge can handle this easy to use Content Management System. One of the main reasons for the popularity of WordPress is because of its simplicity.

Search Engine Friendly

WordPress is designed in a search engine friendly manner. Whatever content you post, is by default optimized for increased search engine visibility and gets indexed quickly. Hence getting a website developed on the WordPress platform can attract more traffic and thus increase your conversion chances.

Mobile Application Development Company In India - mindster.in

Provides Automatic Updates and Upgrades

Whenever there is a newer version or update available, WordPress has an option to automatically update itself. In addition, there are several add on features such as widgets, plugins, themes etc which also get constant updates.

Easy installation:

Installing WordPress does not need any specific skills, and you can easily install it in a matter of a few minutes. Installing it means clicking on the WordPress Link, and it is done. However, you have to answer some basic questions before software is finally installed.

Mindster.in is a leading offshore web development companies in India promising powerful web design and development solutions for businesses as well as individuals.

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Petroleum Engineering Jobs As a Lucrative Career Option

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Common Cover Letter Mistakes to Avoid

Common Cover Letter Mistakes to Avoid

When you decide to launch a job search, chances are one of the first things you will do is write or update your resume. But what about your cover letter? Before a hiring manager even glances at your resume, he or she will assess your cover letter and form an impression of you and your qualifications. A well-written cover letter can earn you a call for an interview, so it's important to take this document seriously.

For many job seekers, however, cover letters are an afterthought and are quickly written at the last minute; others don't even bother to include them, assuming their resumes will speak for themselves. Following are some cover letter mistakes to avoid:

Failing to Personalize:

Avoid saying, "Dear Sir or Madam" and take the initiative to find out the appropriate contact name. Often a quick phone call to the company can help you fill in the blank. You'll show that you're resourceful and truly interested in the job.

Click here - CareerBuilder.co.in

Making it Too Short/long:

E-mailed cover letters should be included within the body of the e-mail and be limited to two paragraphs, while those faxed or mailed should be three to five paragraphs.

Starting off Weak:

Your opening paragraph should capture the reader's attention. So, rather than simply saying, "I am applying for the SQL Developer position posted at websitename.com," follow up with, "Your need for an experienced professional is a good match for my five years of experience in publishing and extensive background as a receptionist. "If you've been referred to the hiring manager, be sure to point out the mutual contact in your lead. This may encourage the person to read further.

Resource - CareerBuilder.co.in

Rehashing the resume:

Instead, focus on aspects of your background that relate directly to the job opportunity and note any relevant accomplishments, training, classes or certifications. The cover letter also allows you to explain anything that might be unclear or questionable on your resume, such as a gap in employment or change in career paths.

Failing to proofread:

As qualified as you may be for the opening, you're likely to fall out of contention if your cover letter is full of typos, misspellings and grammatical errors. Ask friends and family to review your document to make sure there are no mistakes. The following examples from real cover letters prove just how. Important this can be: "I'm attacking my resume for you to review." "I prefer a fast-paste environment." "I never take anything for granite."
Once you ready with a good cover letter, you can start applying for the jobs suiting for you. It can be for any type of job, maybe for HTML or for ASP .Net Jobs; little alterations in the cover letter can do the trick.

IT jobs in Ahmedabad - CareerBuilder.co.in

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3 Lists that will improve your Programming Productivity

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5 Factors to Consider Before Relocating for a Job

In an ideal job market, you would find the job of your dreams right under your nose. You would have a hefty paycheck, great benefits, flexibility and you'd wake up every day loving the work you do.

The reality is you'll probably spend several weeks, even months, scouring the Internet and chasing job leads just to find a few openings worth pursuing. Even after all of your efforts, the jobs you find may fall short of meeting all of the criteria to be the right opportunity for you. People in such situations may never come across their dream job because they have limited themselves in the job market. They've narrowed their search to local job openings and have no idea that their dream job is actually in another city or state.

People find relocation as a good option for finding new job. Relocating for a job isn't the best option for everyone; consider the following five factors before making the decision to relocate.

Continued Growth

There are no guarantees in today's ever-changing job market. An occupation may experience booming growth one year and then come to a stand-still or decline a few years later. For example, jobs in the finance, insurance and human service clusters are now expected to grow significantly faster than previously expected. However, job projections are less optimistic than they were two years ago for occupations in the manufacturing, retail and wholesale sales, and service clusters. Before moving to another area, investigate whether local economic trends are expected to remain favorable.

Company Secretary jobs in Delhi - CareerBuilder.co.in

Opportunities in Your Field

Many occupations flourish in some locations, but are rarely offered in others. For example, job seekers interested in the JavaScript development would have much more luck landing a job in densely IT rooted areas like Bangalore than in areas populated by only a few IT companies. For more clarifications, compare wages across states; or compare employment trends across states.


Having an intricate network of contacts is one of the biggest advantages people can have in their job search and careers. These contacts are excellent sources of job search advice, job leads and referrals. In most cases, a person's network is usually made up of contacts living in the same area. Although a change in location doesn't mean the contacts are no longer useful, it does mean the person relocating will need to work hard to develop new contacts that can support them in their new location. Investigate whether your targeted area offers opportunities for you to network quickly. Perhaps there are local branches of social, religious or hobby-centered organizations to which you now belong or where you would fit in readily.

Company Secretary jobs in Delhi - CareerBuilder.co.in

Your Resume

Employers in many regions may not be as familiar with your previous employers or the school or college you attended. It is recommended that job seekers contact the job placement office of their school or college to find out whether or not other people have found employment in their target area. This strategy isn't as necessary for job seekers from schools with a national reputation or seeking jobs where on-the-job training is all that's required.

Culture Change

Before moving to a new location, people should be aware that there's a good chance that the culture of the new location will be different from where they currently live and work. It's important for people to visit their target area before actually moving there to see if they feel comfortable there.

To find the dream job in your city, visit CareerBuilder.co.in; India's fast growing job site. CareerBuilder connects thousands of job seekers all around India to top companies each day.

Banking jobs in Mumbai - CareerBuilder.co.in

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7 Things a Software Developer Should Never Say In an Interview

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6 Things You Should Probably Remove From Your SAP Resume

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6 Tips for Becoming an Irreplaceable Java Employee


As the nation, the economy and businesses continue to heal from the recession, job security is more important than ever to most workers. Java employees can preserve job security by ensuring they are irreplaceable to their companies, says Laurence Shatkin, Ph.D., in his new book, “150 Best Jobs for a Secure Future.”

Here are six of Shatkin’s tips for becoming an irreplaceable worker:

Focusing Core Mission of the Company:

Software businesses diversify and serve several functions, but usually there’s a central mission that makes money and determines whether the business will succeed or fail. Identify that central function and play a role in it. Identify the skills the company needs for future development of this function and acquire them.

Javascript Jobs - CareerBuilder.co.in

Accept Change:

Better yet, be a part of it. Keep new business methods side by side, especially for handling communication and information, and find ways to use them in your work. The attitude ‘We’ve always done it this way’ will not advance the organization’s mission.” Take chances while implementing new methods.

Be Exceptionally Productive:

This doesn’t necessarily mean working longer hours. It’s more important to find a task or role you can handle that goes beyond your job position. Here again, skills are important because they are the key to productivity. If you have quality time and energy to spare, volunteer to take over a small task that unburdens your manager or a co-worker; this both broadens your skill set and showcases your productivity. Don’t catch yourself saying, ‘’that is not my job.”

Click - CareerBuilder.co.in

Be Visible:

In many software companies, the person whose office is next to the boss’s tends to get the best performance appraisals. If you don’t have that office, find ways to make your accomplishments known; don’t wait for performance-appraisal.

Acquire a Mentor:

Find someone who really knows the software business environment, be helpful, and ask a lot of very specific questions, including questions about how to improve your work. Give public credit to the mentor for the advice you get.

Be Pleasant:

Be someone clients like to deal with. Find ways to say positive things about your co-workers and promote their accomplishments. Back-stabbing may seem like a way to get ahead, but it is un-ethical and it can hurt you in the long run. Abrasiveness or whining may make you stand out, but for the wrong reasons. If you really can’t get along with some people in your work group, try to be transferred to one where you will fit in better.

CareerBuilder.co.in is India's fast growing job site. CareerBuilder connects thousands of Java and other software job seekers to top companies each day.

Java Jobs In Noida - CareerBuilder.co.in

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Essential Tips on Volvo Car Maintenance Service

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2013 BMW 7 Series Update


MW has updated its 7 Series with new iDrive system, modest exterior and interior changes together with more fuel efficient engine line-up and the introduction of all-new ActiveHybrid7 as part of the 2013 model update.

Best used car valuation - Euro DB Adelaide

Unlike the 760Li V12 flagship that was excluded from any mechanical upgrades the 740 and 750i and Li models have been subjected to quite extensive overhaul to achieve significant improvements in fuel consumption and performance through the introduction of BMW valvetronic technology to 750i/Li 4.4L V8 engine that BMW says contributed to improved accelerations (4.7s 0-100km/h) and better fuel economy. The six-cylinder powered 740i/Li scored updated 3.0L TwinPower Turbo engine to deliver 20% improvement in fuel economy over its predecessor.

Used car valuation in South Australia - Best site

Both models are mated to BMW 8-speed automatic with optional xDrive all-wheel-drive system and engine stop/start auto function. Last but not least is the introduction of ActiveHybrid7 model to the 7 series line-up with 3.0L TwinPower Turbo engine (same as 740i/Li) and electric motor with combined maximum output of 260kW that BMW claims will be good enough for 5.5s 0-100km/h whilst also undercutting its bigger 740i/Li brother fuel consumption by another 15 percent. The good news is that the ActiveHybrid7 model is coming down to Australia in early 2013

Used car valuation in Sydney - eurodb.com.au

Social Media Links
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/EuroDB.com.au/
Twitter: http://twitter.com/EuroDBgroup/

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10 Steps to Reduce Toxin Exposure of Your Pets

It is possible to protect your companion from over-exposure to toxins with some thoughtful choices. Here are some steps to reduce toxin exposure in pets:

Feed a high quality diet, free of chemical preservatives – avoid BHA, BHT ðoxyquin found in some popular pet food brands.Look for natural preservatives like rosemary, mixed tocopherols, and ascorbic acid (vitamin c). Wouldn’t you rather feed your pet vitamins & herbs than chemicals found in paint thinner?

Avoid pet foods containing meat by-products - Meat by-products often contain the worst of the packing plant leftovers – including road kill, “4-D” livestock (dead, dying, disabled or diseased), and euthanized animals.

Merrick jumbo flossies from Whole Life Pets - WholeLifePets.com

Avoid foods with non-organic corn or soy ingredients for your birds, (dogs & cats shouldn’t be eating corn or soy anyway), as corn and soy both have some of the highest rates herbicide and pesticide use.

Use non-toxic cleaners in your home – You shouldn’t be breathing in things like bleach, ammonia or foaming bubble bathroom cleaners, either. Vinegar works – smells awful, but it won’t kill your brain cells.

Opt out of the Teflon carpet treatment promoted as stain resistant protection. Teflon chemicals break down into dangerous particulates and gases. So get rid of the Teflon,even fromthe kitchen – especially if you have birds.

Use stainless steel or ceramic pet dishes – avoid plastic - Some plastics used for pet dishes can emit toxins like BPA and phthalates into your pet’s food and water supply. Plastic is also more porous and scratches, allowing it to harbor bacteria.

Merrick jumbo phat flossies from Whole Life Pets - WholeLife Pets

Wipe their paws!Roads, sidewalks and lawns harbor toxins you can’t see, but your pet can ingest when they lick their paws – including lead, pesticides, heavy metals from vehicle exhaust, bacteria andviruses.

Unplug those plug-in air fresheners and open the window - Toxins found in air fresheners and room deodorizers include naphthalene, phenol, cresol, dichlorobenzene, and xylene. These and other air freshener chemicals have been implicated in cancer, neurological damage, reproductive and developmental disorders, and other conditions. They also aggravate asthma and allergies.

Don’t smoke - OK, that one was obvious. However, just because you can’t quit doesn’t mean your pet has to suffer – at least go outside.

Help your pet detoxify naturally – always offer plenty of clean, bottled or filtered water and give treats and supplements that support detoxification.

WholeLifePets.com is one of the largest sources of products and information for pet dogs and cats. They provide a whole range of pet products including vitamins, supplements, holistic remedies, flea and tick control medicines etc. that helps pets stay healthy.

Natural and organic dog supplements from WholeLifePets - WholeLifePets.com

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Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/WholeLifePets
Twitter: https://twitter.com/WholeLifePets

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No Fee Luxury Apartments in New York City for Rent & Lease

Retro Pop Studio

New York is the most populous city in the United States of America. The city attracts the best in a significant in many industries: commerce, finance, media, art, fashion, research, technology, education, and entertainment to name a few. That’s why finding a well appointed home here in a desirable location can often be a challenging experience. Finding the right home in New York City can be the difference between enjoying life and finding the City to be too big and overwhelming. We recommend a few key considerations.

Find an apartment that is convenient for the way you plan to live; one that’s in close proximately to where you’ll be spending most of your time both at work and at play. So living near your gym, your favorite restaurants, social circles and entertainment venues can make all the difference in the way you experience the city. And that new home should be close to a subway that stops near your place of business to save a great deal of travel time, money on taxis and to keep you warm and dry on inclement days. But that may come with some trade offs.

2 bedroom apartments for rent in New York City - TheAnthemNY.com

New York offers both luxury and budget apartments in different parts of the City. With an increase in population density, it is extremely difficult to find a good accommodation here, especially if you are on a budget. Proper research and planning are necessary to find an apartment for rent or lease that suits one’s needs. People usually have to see many apartments before finally being able to find a good one of their choice. And even then, you may encounter stiff competition, little negotiation room and broker fees, etc. which makes it altogether a tiring process. However, much of this can be avoided by renting directly within a “No Fee” luxury rental building.

Here. - TheAnthemNY.com

Before setting out to find an apartment in New York, one should keep certain things in mind. Start your search on-line seeking “No Fee luxury rental” in the neighborhoods that most appeal to you. If you don’t find an apartment that meets your requirements, then seek out a trusted real estate agent, as there are increasingly high cases of fraud in this field. There are good professional real estate agents in the city that could help in finding the best apartment deals. Often most of the “No Fee” buildings offer complete amenities like an attended lobby, garage and fitness center. However, these apartments can often be cookie cutter and the renting prices may vary place to place based on the age of the property, location.

TheAnthemNY.com offers luxury studio apartments for rent and lease with no fee in Manhattan, New York. The apartments offer all the standard features and much more making it a perfect choice for anyone who wishes to make New York their home.

1 bedroom apartments for rent in New York - TheAnthemNY.com

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Multipurpose Outdoor Camping Gear: Saves You Space & Money!

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Survey Finds Americans More Conscious of Health Care Costs

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Veterans Lack Health Insurance Coverage

At the end of June, the Supreme Court is expected to make a decision on the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA), the outcome of which will have a direct impact on veterans’ health insurance.

Health insurance for overweight people - FirstPreferredHealthInsurance.com

If the health reform bill President Obama signed into law in 2010 is deemed constitutional, it will provide Medicaid coverage to 630,000 currently uninsured veterans under 65. An additional 520,000 uninsured veterans would become eligible for subsidized coverage via health exchanges if the law is upheld, a move that would benefit approximately 1 million family members of veterans who currently lack insurance.

Clearly, if the PPACA is passed, more than a million veterans and their family members could benefit. If the law is rejected, it will be a sad day for the men and women who have served the United States.
Whether or not the bill is upheld, First Preferred aims to offer affordable health insurance like preexisting conditions insurance plans, obesity insurance, obesity insurance or other forms of reliable coverage.

www.FirstPreferredHealthInsurance.com - FirstPreferredHealthInsurance.com

They have an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau with 300 plans from 15 carriers, all of which are designed to meet the needs of you and your loved ones. Contact them today to learn more about their plans and select one that’s right for you.

First Preferred Healthcare specializes in ensuring insurance for those who have pre-existing conditions including insurance for diabetes and obesity. The plans offered by this organization are affordable and easy to apply.

Health insurance for overweight people - FirstPreferredHealthInsurance.com
Social Media Links:
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/firstpreferredhealthcare
Twitter: https://twitter.com/FPHealth

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Caring is Sharing – Using Social Media In HealthCare

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Can You Make Money as a Fashion Designer?

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Wide Plank Floorings– Why Should You Choose Them?

The most important aspect you need to consider when you are building your house is the type of the flooring that is to be used. There are many options available when it comes to choosing the material for your home's flooring and wide plank flooring could be an ideal choice for this. The qualities of wide plank flooring embrace the timeless elegance of centuries old craftsmanship.The definite elegance, magnificence and durability which real wood flooring is known for, provides a wonderful furnishing for your home, giving value to this significant place where your life unfolds.

Wideplank flooring - http://noyeks.ie

Why choose wide plank floorings?

Pleasing Looks
Wide plank floorings are pleasing to eyes and offer warmth, comfort, elegance - these are just some of the words that would pop up in one's mind when it comes to wide plank floors.Walking on these wooden floors is very comfortable for the feet, especially for children.

Durable and Long Lasting
Wooden floors are not damaged with time unlike other types of flooring. Instead, they continue to look beautiful and timeless. In addition, they are very tough and durable so that you can be assured that your flooring will last for a long time.

EasyTo Install
Wooden floors that use wide planks are among the common do it yourself type of flooring.Many homeownerspreferthem because they are easy to install.

Dublin kitchens - Noyeks
Easy To Clean
One of the best things about wide plank flooring is that it is very easy to clean and remove the dust and dirt, even without the use of toxic products.Using wider planks means there are a fewer grooves available for the dirt to accumulate.

Wide Range of Selection
Many stores have a wide selection of wood plank floors. You can choose from the various types of wood and its various shades that would suit your taste.

Wide plank flooring undeniably brings out the beauty ofyour home. Enhance the beauty and style of your home with the timeless elegance of wide plank flooring and create your ultimate living space.
Noyeks.ie has been one of the leading suppliers to the Irish market for timber sheet materials and associated products, for almost 120 years now. The company supplies innovative and high-quality timber panel products, also kitchen doors and accessories, hardwood flooring, decorative plastic laminates, and associated products to merchants, shop fitters, office furniture manufacturers, carpenters and joiners, and the general public, countrywide.

Best Wide Plank flooring in Dublin - Noyeks.ie

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How to Mobile Market with Compelling Mobile Landing Pages

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A World within Itself: HiLITE City, Calicut

HiLITE’s most ambitious mega project HiLITE City at Calicut is being designed as the first of its kind integrated township in the state spread across 32,00,000 sq.ft. The project is the perfect blend of luxury and convenience which comprises residential (HiLITE Residency), commercial (HiLITE Business Park) and retail spaces (HiLITE Mall).

Their website - HiLTECity

HiLITE Mall would have a right blend of retail and entertainment spaces that include 60000sq.ft hypermarket, 2 department stores of 50000sq.ft each, 35000 sq.ft. gaming zone and indoor fun area. The Mall would have a total built-up area of 1.4 million square feet with 200+ branded retail outlets, a business hotel, 8 screen multiplex, dining space with 1500+ dinning seats, convention/expo hall, 3 tier car parks and much more. HiLITE Business Park is an office complex designed to combine work with leisure.

Builders in Kerala - HiLTECity

The Business Park would give a perfect corporate ambience for all commercial enterprises. It consists of two colossal thirteen-storied towers with more than hundred office spaces starting from 1125 sq. ft. to 19,000 sq. ft. This ‘S’ shaped redefined workplace ensures maximum ventilation and the best of systems and processes besides a massive five tiered car park that can accommodate more than 1200 cars.

HiLITE Residency comprises 400 futuristically designed apartments, set on acres of beautifully landscaped area on a hilltop close to the NH By-Pass at Calicut, with ultra modern amenities. Every apartment boasts of architectural splendor and elegance. The three towers of 20 floors would ensure an overwhelming view of the cityscape as well as the lush green surroundings. Strategically being located inside the umbrella of HiLITE City, the HiLITE Residency has everything for a life in sync with nature and city comforts.

Web site - HiLTECity

A flagship company of the HiLITE Group, HiLITE Builders is in the business of creating fine residential, commercial and retail spaces which flaunt unique architectural features. Apart from residential apartments, the company has built Focus Mall, the first mall in Kerala, leading to a lifestyle revolution of sorts.

Social Media Links Follow us on

Twitter: https://twitter.com/HiLiteCity

Our Facebook Page: http://www.facebook.com/pages/HiLITE-City/399062036823982

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